Thursday, June 30, 2011

UNCC professor pens "Macbeth: A Novel"

You loved the play, with all its Scottish tragedy. Now check out "MacBeth: A Novel," a new audio book co-written by Andrew Hartley, UNC Charlotte's Russell Robinson professor of Shakespeare studies.

Along with being a Shakespeare expert, Hartley writes fiction. As A.J. Hartley, he's author of several historical thrillers and fantasy adventures.

Hartley and co-author David Hewson have fleshed out "Macbeth," making it a rich work of historical fiction. is publishing the novel as an audio book only. It's narrated by Alan Cumming, a prolific actor who appears regularly in CBS's "The Good Wife."

Hartley and Hewson, also a thriller writer, hatched the idea for the novel, which allowed them to tell the Scottish play's story in a new way. (With battle scenes and internal dialogue, for instance.)

"We've also made some fairly bold choices that go beyond fleshing out narrative," Hartley told me. Listen here as Hartley, Hewson and Cumming discuss the novel.


Wendy Dingwall said...

Sounds like a winner. I'd like to get this one.