Monday, June 20, 2011

Beach book winners: Tom R. and Leslie

Tom R. and Leslie, you've both won copies of "Folly Beach."
Email me your addresses and I'll mail you the books.

Thanks to all readers who entered the first week of my Big Summer Book Giveaway. Wish I could send you all copies. But I can't.

What I can do, though, is give away another book. I'll continue this weekly contest through August. Check back here later today, when I'll reveal the next book.

Here's what this week's winners told me:

From Tom R.: I'll be Frank. My life's no Beach, so even if it's Folly, I'm Benton getting this book. And there's no pun for Dorothea.

From Leslie: As an English teacher, I have to read lots of academic "stuff" throughout the school year, but summer is time for brain candy. My best friend just recommended this author to me, so I would love to begin my summer with a North Carolina beach read.


Leslie said...

I'm so excited to get this book, so I can officially begin my summer reading season. :-) My best friend, Lori, is pretty thrilled too! Thanks Ms. Kelley!