Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Win the new Warriors Super Edition: "Crookedstar's Promise"

In this week's Summer Book Giveaway I've got a novel for younger readers: "Crookedstar's Promise," the latest in the hugely popular Warriors series.

The book is aimed at kids 10 and up. Feel free to enter and win for your favorite middle-grade reader. Just leave a comment with your name or some way to identify you -- not just "anonymous." I'll post the winner on Wednesday, July 6, so be sure to check back.

For those unfamiliar with the whole kitties-as-warriors premise, a little background: Written by three British women using the pseudonym "Erin Hunter," this book series features clans of cats who engage in heart-stopping epic adventures.

As the owner of a couple of felines who spend their day sleeping, eating and dealing with grooming issues, this makes me chuckle.


Michael Procton said...

A little girl I babysit would LOVE this. Let's make her summer!

Chaine2 said...

My daughter is flying through the Warriors books this summer. They are her favorite books. She's made cat bookmarks based on the characters in the books. She would be so excited to win a Warriors book.