Monday, July 25, 2011

Book giveaway: Clyde Edgerton's new novel, "Night Train"

Like many readers, I fell in love with Clyde Edgerton's writing in 1986 when I read his first novel, "Raney," the warm, funny story of a small-town Baptist woman who marries -- gasp -- an Episcopalian from Atlanta. Edgerton, North Carolina born and raised, now teaches at UNC Wilmington.

I'm happy to report that his newest work, "Night Train," is out today. Set in 1963, it features Dwayne Hallston, a 17-year-old white kid in Starke, North Carolina who has recently discovered James Brown.

In a starred review, Publishers Weekly calls it "The work of a generous, restrained writer whose skill and craft allows small scenes to tell a larger, more profound story."

Want to win a copy? Leave a comment here and tell me why. Leave some way for me to identify you -- not just "anonymous." I'll post the winner on Wednesday, July 27.


traveler said...

The era interests me greatly and the James Brown discovery sounds compelling. Many thanks. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...

As a teacher here in Charlotte who was born and raised in the South---Edgerton's works are like pages out of any of out life stories. My first introduction to his writing was Walking Across Egypt. I was looking for a NC author to teach and one that was modern and would give the "Southern" flavor--I found that my Southern kids laughed and shared stories of people and moments just like those in the book and that the Northern transplants were able to understand the whole "Southern" thing in a way that made it seem as natural as breathing--the "stereotypes" were not garishly displayed--the characters were our family members and as we all know--we can tease our own family, cap it off with a bless their heart and all is well--- My cousin is a songwriter and one of his most famous songs talks about "sweet potatoe pie" and all other things Southern... it's like going home to Texas every time I hear it or think about it. Reading Edgerton's works transports me to my family that is so far away and brings them to me all at once...and I enjoy sharing that feeling with my students.

petite said...

Growing up during this period makes this novel even more fascinating for me. Great choice. elliotbencan(at)hotmail(dot)com

Marjorie/cenya2 said...

My husband and myself are hugh train fans and any storyline with a train interests me.
Thanks for the chance to win this book.

cenya2 at hotmail dot com

TMcB44 said...

I love Edgerton's stories and characters. My favorite thing about him is when our church book club was reading The Bible Salesman, I served as moderator and emailed him to get some suggestions. He couldn't get over the fact a church book club was doing one of his books. Must have been a shock after his Campbell College (now University) days.

Oblivia said...

i want to win it because we overlap in our locales,and age and interests (I play old time music now, not bluegrass though) and I got to see James Brown live 3 times as a teenager...don't think my daddy knew how profoundly frank he was, because i wouldn't have been allowed to go, just like he wouldn't let me read To Kill a Mockingbird...Can you imagine? I was sooo clueless, but I loved,loved James music, especially the tight horns and rhythms. i would not want to play for JB though...Too dictatorial and conceited!