Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sex in the suburb

Lots of people write book reviews. But few write reviews like Ward Sutton, a cartoonist and illustrator who creates "Drawn to Read" graphic reviews for Barnes & Noble.

Check out his new piece on "Love in Mid Air," by Charlotte's Kim Wright. Titled "Sex in the Suburb," the review combines panels illustrating scenes from the book with his own commentary on the work.

Sutton, who lives in New York, draws a review about once a month. He chose "Love in Mid Air," he told me, after reading about the book. "I thought it looked really good and could make a great 'Drawn to Read.' "

Set in Charlotte, "Love in Mid Air" tells the story of Elyse Bearden, an almost-40 Charlotte woman debating whether to leave her stale marriage and the comfortable existence that goes with it.

"The book will likely appeal most to women, yet it deserves attention from men readers, too," Sutton writes. "Smart, funny, and insightful -- and possessing a spellbinding second-to-last chapter -- Wright's debut has all the makings of a hit. Read it before Hollywood adapts it: 'Love in Mid Air' is bound to take off."

I'm similarly enthusiastic about Wright's book. And I'm now also a fan of Sutton's work. Read more of his reviews at drawntoread.com.