Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Champagne Reception for Webb Hubbell and 'When Men Betray'

Webb Hubbell
You're invited, Thursday, 5-7 p.m., to a champagne reception at Elder Art Gallery, 1520 S. Tryon, to celebrate Webb Hubbell and his new novel, "When Men Betray."
Observer reporter Jim Morrill wrote about Hubbell last week. Here's what he said:
"Two decades ago the headlines weren’t kind to Webb Hubbell.
'Clintons’ pal Hubbell is indicted.'
'Hubbell Begins Prison Sentence.'
It was in the ’90s that Hubbell found himself swept up in the scandals and endless investigations known as Whitewater. It was a hard fall for the one-time Arkansas whiz kid, top Justice Department official and longtime friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton.
Notoriety took its toll. But the headlines faded.
For nearly four years now, Hubbell and his wife, Suzy, have lived on a quiet street in Dilworth, planting roots and rebuilding their lives outside the glare of public attention.
Last week Hubbell, 65, re-emerged with the publication of his first novel, a legal thriller about friendships and loyalties set in Little Rock, with cameos by Davidson College and Charlotte’s Mimosa Grill.
The author and his book already have drawn national attention. The Washington Post ran a story. C-SPAN televised his weekend appearance at a North Little Rock library.
It’s the latest chapter in a life which itself has unfolded as a kind of thriller.
Like Jack Patterson, his protagonist in 'When Men Betray,' Hubbell’s is a story of friendship and power with plot twists, legal turns and even a brush with death."
So come hear Hubbell read and have him autograph a copy of the novel.

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