Sunday, February 1, 2015

All I want is to hunker under the covers and read 'The Girl on the Train'

Never mind washing the dog, if we had a dog.
Never mind feeding the cat, if we had a cat.
Never mind stuffing the pillows with water fowl feathers, if we had water fowl feathers.

Never mind the blackberry pie I promised I'd bake.

Never mind. Never mind.

All I really want is to hunker under the covers today and read Paula Hawkins' smash hit, "The Woman on the Train."

Even Stephen King tweeted that it kept him up all night. "The alcoholic narrator is dead perfect," he wrote.

Critics are calling the bestseller by the UK author "compulsively readable," a "Hitchccokian thriller" and comparing it to "Gone Girl" and "The Silent Wife."

The hardcover is in its 10th printing and DreamWorks has optioned it for a movie, according to USA Today .

What's it about? Rachel, the woman on a train, is alcoholic and obsessed with a couple she sees from the window on her commute to London. They seem the perfect couple to her until the morning she sees something that draws her into a possible murder investigation.

Who's Paula Hawkins? A Londoner who admits to a darker side of her personality. She worked as a journalist for 15 years before publishing three novels under a pseudonym -- "chick-lit," she calls them. And, without being told, we know -- and celebrate -- that she's now remarkably wealthy.


Anonymous said...

I hunkered down over the weekend and read it, and it's pretty darn great!