Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chick lit, hen lit and now -- mom lit

I've learned this week via press release that many early fans of chick lit have grown up, gotten married and started reading mom lit. Actually, the press release was referring to "The Pile of Stuff at the Bottom of the Stairs," a new novel by British author Christina Hopkinson, so it said 'mum' lit.

"Chick lit," as you probably know, refers to novels about young professional women finding their way in the world. Many are light, even, shall we say, fluffy. Big hits includes Sophie Kinsella's "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and Jennifer Weiner's "Certain Girls."

I've also heard of "hen lit," novels about the lives of older women -- in their 40s and up. I kind of hate the term "hen lit," but an alternative term, "matron lit," also makes me shudder. Examples include "The Hot Flash Club," "The Red Hat Club" and "The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love."

Mom lit has been around a while. Think: Allison Pearson's "I Don't Know How She Does It." Hopkinson's new book, about a woman whose husband leaves most of the childcare and housework to her because she works part time, is getting rave reviews in the UK. It'll be published in the U.S. on April 25.