Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What did David Sedaris write in your book?

Humor writer David Sedaris wowed the crowd at Charlotte's Blumenthal Monday night, reading stories, diary entries and jokes collected from folks he met on the road. Then, afterward, he sat behind a table and autographed books for hundreds of adorning fans.
I'm no expert on the autographing habits of authors, but I think it's safe to say Sedaris is one of a kind. As is his habit, he brought a canvas tote bag filled with gifts he doled out, especially to his teenaged fans. They included hotel soaps and shampoos, hand sanitizer and stretchy bracelets, purchased in bulk. (In the past, he has gifted teenagers with condoms. A fine idea, I think, but he caught flack.)
His autographs are equally unique. He wrote in my friend Lesa's book: "We see eye to eye." (An amazingly true statement.)
He wrote in my 17-year-old daughter's book: "Let's throw sticks at vulnerable old people together."
So, now I'm desperate to find out what else he wrote. If he signed your book, leave a comment and let me know what said.


Anonymous said...

oddly, he wrote 'i am really tired right now, with a smiley face winking'

Anonymous said...

he wrote "your friend will took me aback" in reference to the joke I told. my girlfriend was with me and he drew as small dog with a red collar.

Anonymous said...

He wrote "let's make bookmarks out of dried human intestines together"

Pam Kelley said...

Generally, I think "LOL" is overused. But these comments did make me laugh out loud. Thanks, readers!