Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sunset Beach's mysterious mailbox featured in new novel

If you've been to North Carolina's Sunset Beach, maybe you've visited the Kindred Spirit mailbox nestled among the dunes on Bird Island. It's a plain mailbox filled with notebooks that visitors use to record all kinds of thoughts and wishes.
Charlotte's Marybeth Whalen features that Sunset Beach landmark in "The Mailbox" (David C. Cook, $14.99). Whalen's new novel examines loss and second chances as it tells the story of Lindsey Adams, who visits the mailbox for her first vacation since her husband left her.
This is Whalen's first novel, and Library Journal calls her "a new writer to watch." Whalen has also penned several non-fiction books, including "Learning to Live Financially Free." But wait, there's more: She's the mother of six kids. How does she do it? Check out her web site: