Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bestselling "The Lace Reader" author in Charlotte

Brunonia Barry hit it big in 2008 with her bestselling debut novel, "The Lace Reader." Now with her new second novel, "The Map of True Places," she'll speak at 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 18, at Charlotte's Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 4345 Barclay Downs Drive.
Barry sets "The Map of True Places" in Salem, Mass., where a psychotherapist begins to find strands of her own life in the suicide of a troubled patient.


Pearl Minny said...

To find out more about the real tunnels in Salem Brunonia Barry talks about read Salem Secret Underground:The History of the Tunnels in the City and then take the cool Salem walking tour about them. Learn how 144 people hid behind the creation of a park to build a series of tunnels in Salem utilizing the nation’s first National Guard to build them so a superior court justice, a Secretary of the Navy, and a bunch of Senators could avoid paying Jefferson’s custom duties. Engineered by the son of America’s first millionaire.