Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Charlotte woman pens Easter pop-up book

Just in time for Easter baskets:
"Easter Parade" (Jumping Jack Press; $14.95), is a new pop-up book co-authored by sisters Andrea Green and Charlotte's Stephanie Prysiazniuk.

So what goes into writing a pop-up book? It's interesting. The text itself is a simple poem that begins:

The square is lined with crowds today.
The Easter parade is on its way!

But Prysiazniuk, who's corporate sales manager for The Morehead Inn and the Van Landingham Estate, told me that's only part of what she and her sister submitted to their publisher.
They also included lots of details about their concept -- an Easter parade featuring animals as characters. Horn-blowing raccoons, egg-juggling chipmunks and ballerina chicks who kick their legs in the air when you pull a tab. These ideas were carried out by an illustrator and paper engineer, but they came from Prysiazniuk and her sister.

You can find the book in Barnes & Noble stores and on