Friday, May 2, 2014

So Frivolous, So Delicious, I Couldn't Help Myself 
Please don't tell anyone I wrote about this book. It's so frivolous. So superficial. So witty. So delicious. Of course my mind should be on a higher plane. But I couldn't help myself when I discovered Angelica Taschen's "Berlin Street Style: A Guide to Urban Chic" (Abrams, $24.95) among the review copies. I ferreted it out of the office and spent the next two hours absorbed in its information-and-tip packed contents about how savvy people dress in Berlin.
From Taschen's shopping tips: Those who shop cheap pay twice; Focus on the classics.

Among her Beauty Faux Pas That Add Years: Heidi braids, Hair extensions, Fake tan, French manicure, Homemade henna hair tinting.
To Botox Your Style: Be yourself, Drink water, Eat well, Dress your age, Read books (!)
These Simply Do Not Work: Trekking sandals; Fleece jackets and outdoorsy anoraks ("When you're  climbing the Alps, fleece jackets and all-weather anoraks are undoubtedly the ideal outfit. In the city, you'll look as if you just stumbled off a tourist bus."); Felt hats ("You do not need to prove to anyone that you still have a wild side despite your age-- and certainly  not with a felt cap with a 'witty' flower or sausage decoration. Help!")
Now if you're actually traveling to Berlin, this book is indispensable. Shopping and restaurant guides galore.
I was so taken with "Berlin Street Style," I called Park Road Books to order the earlier "Paris Street Style: A Guide to Effortless Chic." Too bad. It didn't measure up to "Berlin." I should've saved my money for a highbrow book.