Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Prize Money: Calling Carolinas Poets

Have a stash of unpublished poems? If you live in the Carolinas, or if you're a native of North or South Carolina, here's your chance to see one of your poems in print.
Kakalak, an anthology edited by Charlotte's Beth Ann Cagle, Lisa Zerkle and Richard Allen Taylor and published by the Charlotte-based Main Street Rag, is calling for submissions of one to three poems of no more than 60 lines each ($10 entry fee). Deadline: April 30. The 2014 edition of Kakalak will present about 100 pages of poetry and 20 pages of art. First prize: $300. For complete rules, including instructions for submitting works of art:  http://mainstreetrag.com/Kakalak%202014.html  


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