Monday, March 17, 2014

Interview with father of Sandy Hook killer

Important Advice on Parenting from an Interview with the Father of the Sandy Hook Killer:

"All parenting involves choosing between the day (why have another argument at dinner?) and the years (the child must learn to eat vegetables.)
Nancy's error seems to have been that she always focussed on the day, in a ceaseless quest to keep peace in the home she shared with the hypersensitive, controlling, increasingly hostile stranger who was her son. She thought she could keep the years at bay by making each day as good as possible, but her willingness to indulge his isolation may well have exacerbated the problems it was intended to ameliorate."

From "The Reckoning" in the March 17 New Yorker, in which Andrew Solomon interviews the father of the Sandy Hook killer.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this Dannye, so I could dig out that issue of The New Yorker and read the article. That line is such a perceptive insight into my own biggest parenting dilemma! In the context of the article, it's haunting.